Few bands are establishing themselves so firmly in the world of music like Clann Mhic Ruairí. A multi-talented family group of musicians, Clann Mhic Ruairí takes listeners on a compelling journey of thoughts and emotions with every new release. Get to know the artists behind the music and check out the latest recordings, media, and more – never miss a beat! Bígí Linn.


Clann Mhic Ruairí

Clann Mhic Ruairí

Clann Mhic Ruairí
Clann Mhic Ruairí - An Cailín Gaelach

Clann Mhic Ruairí - An Cailín Gaelach

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Clann Mhic Ruairí - Moya Brennan  Téir Abhaile Riú

Clann Mhic Ruairí - Moya Brennan Téir Abhaile Riú

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Clann Mhic Ruairí - Moya Brennan Méilte Cheann Dubhrán

Clann Mhic Ruairí - Moya Brennan Méilte Cheann Dubhrán

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Clann Mhic Ruairí are often performing in front of audiences, and have some backline requirements, frontline requirements and a couple more complex requirements. Learn exactly what Clann Mhic Ruairí need from each venue or promoter in order to assure that their performance runs as smoothly as possible. Feel free to get in touch if you have any inquiries.


As a professional band, Clann Mhic Ruairí are very particular regarding their equipment, travel and gear requirements. A promoter or venue should provide the group with the PA system, speakers, amp and console, as well as the space they need to perform. If you’d like to learn more about the Technical requirements of Clann Mhic Ruairí, download the following document.

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Looking to download the full bio, discography, and latest updates from Clann Mhic Ruairí? Look no further. Clann Mhic Ruairí is a media-savvy band who love to collaborate on a variety of projects, and are always on the lookout for the next challenge. To speak to the band members, arrange an interview, or for more information contact us.



Clann Mhic Ruairí has worked hard to get to where they are now. Their music style has created quite the buzz in the music industry, and they are only getting started. Their inaugural CD, ‘Súile’ contains an array of traditional songs along with newly composed material. The album was produced by the multi-talented producer/musician Dónall O’Connor (At First Light/Ulaid). 

In her review of ‘Súile’, Maighread Ní Dhomhnaill, (Skara Brae) said of this album: 

“What else would you say? Wonderful songs, old and new, and voices so beautiful from the musical, Clann Mhic Ruairí. Special”! (translated from Gaelic).

You’ll be able to download media offerings, promotional materials and so much more. If you’d like to write about Clann Mhic Ruairí, feel free to download everything you need. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more.



Clann Mhic Ruairí are an Irish folk/trad band. They are a family group, made up of siblings Tony (singer), Aodh (singer/guitar), Sean (singer), Dónall (singer/percussion) and Tony’s daughter Megan (piano and singer). As a family they were raised on the Gaelic songs and stories of the ‘Rann na Feirste Gaeltacht’ in County Donegal, (Gaelic speaking area) in the North West corner of Ireland. Hearing their music gives the listener an insight into this rich culture which they continue to preserve. This corner of Ireland is the birth place of internationally acclaimed artists who have moulded the Irish traditional music scene since the 1970s. Clannad, Skara Brae, Altan, Manus and Dónall Lunny, to name but a few, have all blossomed in this area and Clann Mhic Ruairí have now taken up the torch in the hope of conserving and promoting this rich musical culture which lies at the core of their being. The members of Clann Mhic Ruairí are individual artists in their own right, each member having performed over the years on solo projects and with other artists and groups. In 2013 they decide to formally come together as Clann Mhic Ruairí and the preservation of the song tradition of ‘Rann na Feirste’ is foremost in their mind. Much of their repertoire are songs which were composed and sung in their locality for hundreds of years. They perform these traditional songs with a contemporary, innovative and inspirational approach, retaining the traditional purity and integrity of the song.



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